WTB - 1960 Napa Cab

It’s my Father in law’s 60th in January and he drinks predominately Napa Cabs and Brunellos, I’ve been working on expanding his tastes beyond that but I think a Napa Cab would be the most memorable.

Looking for a 1960 Napa Cab, was hoping for Inglenook but not sure how realistic that is. Have searched some of the online auction houses but nothing came up. If anyone has a lead, please reach out!


Mike Venezia

Good luck… I am a 1960 birthday also… not a great year anywhere.
I have had a few 1960 BV’s that have survived ok… but just survived.
Best bottle I have had has been a 1960 Vega Sicilia Unico…
1960 Vintage Ports around and reasonable… that probably your best bet.