WOWSERS! - 2000 Meursault "Genevrieres" (Bouchard)

2000 Meursault “Genevrieres” (Bouchard)
Due to the threat of Pre-Mox, I felt compelled to drink my only bottle.
Youthful pale yellow color.
Typical Meursault nose of lemons, toast and nuts.
Wonderful, balanced, pure waxy green lime fruit with a long luscious, yet firm, finish.
A perfectly aged White Burg with the ability to improve for 2-4 more years at least.
Wish I had a case of this! [cry.gif]
[95 pts]


Paul, what odds do you give the 2 bottles remaining that I have of the 2008? Last time I had one, the wine was in fine shape. [shrug.gif]

Well, 2008 if fairly recent.
Probably still sound.

BUT, nothing is worse than faded flowers!

Maybe better safe than sorry… [wink.gif]


Had the 2008 on July 4th, and it was quite nice.


Had a case…

Opened a few years ago, don’t think I hit one bottle out of at least 6 that wasn’t premoxed before I dumped the rest.

Shame, was a nice wine in youth.

Are you referring to the 2000 or 2008?



Yeah, was the 2000.

Also had a case of the MP, was an even better wine IIRC, and they were about 50-50 between being ok or oxidized. Not as bad as the 2002’s though (MP and Genevrieres), which were all shot.


Funny (or not, I suppose), the most recent note in CT on the 2008 is written in Italian. Translated, it seems this is the first note of all posted there that mention oxidation:

“Oxidation push the nose, bottle unhappy”

Now I’m glad I opened mine up!! champagne.gif


Bouchard is doing great things lately!

So far, my 2007 MP’s, 2 bottles, 4 left, have been fine. I believe they are diam corks, so it’ll be interesting to see how they hold up. I’m planning on letting them rest for a few years. Maybe fool’s gold…