Would you go to a restaurant where the sommelier wore a tastevin?

Always wanted to try this place because it is considered one of the most romantic restaurants in the country.
Goggled it and found this interview with the sommelier who walks around with a tastevin around his neck.

Best quote from this video-

“You already know you’re entering a spectacular restaurant when you’re greeted by someone like you”


I think I would. Because I have no what is a tastevin. As long as him/her wearing it doesn’t make me sick or give me a rash, then sure .

I’d love it!

Velvet jacket?

In the first 15 seconds she looks like she has to pee so the tin cup didn’t really bother me after that. He also explained it is worn as a badge of honor.

pee in the cup for drug testing?

she looks like she is on some sort of chemical friend.

Badge of honor? I bet this guy does not even know which end of the wine bottle to open. said “I pick the wines that Aaron Burr would have chosen”

I found another video. the noise level for a “romantic” restaurant is ridiculous- I’ll pass

anyone know of a nice quiet place in soho or Greenwich/West Village. Already have a res for Le Coucou the night before.

IIRC they still wear them at Le Bernardin.

The somm on my cruise through the Panama Canal last year wore one.

IIRC they used to wear them at Spago.


Maybe it was a funky, fresh neckchain to appeal to West Coast rappers.

One if by land, two if by sea? I had some of the worst service in my life at that restaurant. Of course this was 27 years ago but it made enough of an impression that I never went back.

Tourist trap, which also entices couples looking for that special place to propose to their future first ex-spouses.

I would walk as soon as I saw the classy electrical conduit and light switch exposed for all to see. Very classy.

That’s how they did it in the late 1700s.

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Is this another “It’s better to rent vs. buy” routine?

Of all the pompous elitist things for Phil to object to, it’s the tastevin.

yeah missed that one.

But all you people missed that both this lady and the sommelier think Thomas Jefferson was the second president of the US.

was thinking of Babbo instead but found this video and so I’m not so sure anymore.

Best quote from this one:
“Look at how much stuff is on the menu, it’s awesome.”

Is Babbo now in the same league as One if by Land?

Here’s a pic of when the Berserkers initiated the new young guy…


Here’s a pic of the time Mark B tried to sneak into a Berserker tasting…(the dark hair gave him away.)

This next one is of Brian Tuite accepting the “Big-Ass Tastevin Trophy” for Berserker of the year, as presented to him by Todd (who is wearing his red wine outfit and chapeau.)

I wear one to bed ! [snort.gif]

I had no clue that place was still in business. Haven’t been there since the mid-late 90’s which was probably the last time I heard anybody mention it. Their current menu looks like it hasn’t changed since I was last there.

i was thinking the same thing. went once and left unimpressed. i guess if everyone in the world goes once it’s a decent business model [wink.gif]