Worthy of an impulse buy?

I got an email from K & L about this whisky and wanted to see if there were any Berserkers with experience with it?

Kavalan Solist “Sherry Cask - Artisanal Group Exclusive” Cask Strength Single Barrel Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky.


Name is too friggin’ long with too many marketing buzz word phrases. Can’t be good.

How many points did it get?

Their whiskies are legit. Each release is different, so some are better than others, but in general they make very tasty malt.

I love this whisky. I have a couple bottles of this and a bottle of the Sherry fino also. This is similar to the abelour abundah if you’ve had that. It’s very sherried, but drinks way below its ABV and is extremely smooth.

Thank you!

I will give it a go!

Greatly appreciated!

I’m always all about repping the .TW!