Worst QPR ever

Plenty of best value threads, whats the most over priced wines ?

Im sure these will not be agreed with but wines that i think have jumped the shark price wise

Kosta Browne
Booker EBA’s

Bryant Fam
Opus One
Guigal Ex Voto Blanc
Most Sine Qua Non (but perhaps not all)
2001 Palmaz (very specific here, but this is diarrhea for three figs)
oh, I almost forgot, burgundy

1996-2005 (and later) White Burg Grand Crus

Paso Robles

— yes, there are plenty of exceptions, but those prove the rule.

Ace of Spades

Opus One - My reaction each time I’ve had this wine is, “Why does this wine cost so much?”

Maison Ilan. Pay for something you never get.


For my palate, dry white bdx.

I wish I had your palate :slight_smile:
Costly habit!

Seriously though, a few things come to mind-
Bryant Family (not what it was)
Arnoux- Lachaux (not that they are bad, but the RSV is DRC level pricing now)
Ace of Spades was another good one.

Perhaps because it was created by two of the greatest marketing geniuses the wine business has ever known – Baron Philippe de Rothschild and Robert Mondavi.

Bryant lost me recently
Harlan lost me long ago
Ghost Horse never got me

Trophy Napa Cabs

Yet, you openly like Bevan. Kinda trophy wine IMO.

I was served a Madrigal Napa cab last night that retails for $65 and would certainly be a contender. A 15.2% jammy oak bomb that tasted like merlot, with no cab flavor or tannin, just an alcohol burn. Might as well buy Apothic for $14.

Have you had arnoux-lachaux since Charles took over?

I know they have a lot of fans but… for me, Reynvaan is up there, at least when buying direct.

Bevan can’t be a trophy Napa cab. Any old buster can buy almost any of them at release in case quantity for less than $200!

Liking a wine is different from proclaiming it as a value.

And the only one I buy anymore is the Ontogeny, which is not remotely top tier in pricing.

For me it’s been Opus, but I’ve only drank it at gaudy business dinners so maybe retail is a bit less ridiculous