World Famous Pizza Joint and Wine Offline destination is shuttered.

DiFaras is closed for nonpayment of taxes. What will Dan Hammer do for his next DiFara offline?

I finally made one of Dan’s events this year. Despite my Type II diabetes I bit the bullet and ate lots of really good pizza. Oh the agony.

I’m sure they’ll be back soon - see you on Fat Tuesday!

First, the Department of Health. Now, the Department of Revenue.

It’s 'cause people didn’t buy wine from the wine list.

List? [rofl.gif]

Back in the day, I’d offer Dom some wine. He always passed. Poor guy is a box wine drinker.

Shoulda ordered more carafes. [cheers.gif]

Given their health inspection history, perhaps best to order vodka and then spray it around.

Who moved it here? Charlie? He likes to move my stuff. Makes the junior associate feel powerful moving the mean old partner’s thread. No one from the East coast would have moved such a thread.

Fu is power crazed, no? Moving threads…

Where did you post it originally?

On that Rhys thread?

Damned business owners thinking they can flout the rules and do whatever they want!

Yeah but I’m on the west coast so I don’t care what you think. :slight_smile: you can take it up with Jorge but we outnumber him 2:1

Flush with unimaginable power and recklessly moving threads about restaurants not paying their taxes into the sub forum about restaurants


The move to this little read forum or Di Fara’s closing?? [rofl.gif]

She there isn’t any good pizza elsewhere lol

Where’s Alan Eden when you need him?

Unfortunately, the rest of you wimps sided with the wrong side in the great Fu Vs. Eden War so you should all consider yourselves enablers.



El Pres (Barstool Sports & One Bite) had Di Fara’s as his highest rated pizza joint in the country. 9.4 rating. One bite, everybody knows the rules… Cash only, matter of time the IRS came down on them. Hope they bounce back.

NYS not the IRS.

Most likely a Sales Tax issue.