World Cup Finals Wine

Surprised this hasn’t been posted yet. What are people opening for this?

France presents some very obvious (deliciously so) options, but my Croatian wine cabinet happens to lack depth of any kind.

Sorry… I don’t drink wine that early…

Late AM activity restricted solely to wine boards? :slight_smile:

Not Early where I am Bud.

Wine O’clock here!

What you got Henry?

Hi Bobby,

Haven’t decided yet. Maybe a minor Bx. No Croatians in the cellar.

It will be an 8 am game here.

Making flank steak pinwheels and eggs and going very stereotypical on the wine: Mumm Napa sparkling with fresh OJ Mimosas.

Starting off “like tourists” with hibiscus flowers in old fashioned flutes with sparkling wine poured on top. Pardon the oenophilic faux pas. My wife enjoys watching soccer together so that’s going to be s surprise whilst I prepare the repast.

Wines last night. The Croatian wine was the better of the two, hopefully that portends a win.

Thinking a zin for the Croatian side of the ledger. White burgs opposed.

Sorry, unlike most Americans, I don’t pretend to like soccer every four years.


played a late round of golf. undisturbed because most left to watch the game I suppose. wonder what wines were looted though. opened a Jacquesson 2002 pour la soif.