Woot Wine Hunter: Andrew Murray Rhones

One bottle of each for $44.99 plus $7 shipping seems like a deal.

2007 Syrah Terra Bella Vineyard
2006 Espérance
2006 Grenache

Nice. Too hot to ship, but nice.


Not too hot to ship if they use refrigerated trucks . . . .

Also, will woot allow you to hold until later to ship? They should . . .


Larry, in the 100 or so deliveries I get a year, I see nothing but this:

or this:

no coldbox in sight.

The ‘hold til’ I might look into though…

They are in summer shipping now, so the cross-country portion of the shipping would be refrigerated, I believe. But you are still at the whim of FedEx/UPS for delivery from the hub to your home or office. They do not hold for later shipping, though they will delay shipping (their decision, not yours) to a region if it’s really hot.

I’ve ordered enough from Woot to know you get what you pay for with the cheap shipping. In cooler months it’s generally safe, though they’ve shipped on a Friday when a heat wave started in late spring with bad results. Wine was replaced–they do have good customer service in this respect–but the hassle and finger crossing generally isn’t worth it for me in the summer.

Thanks for the heads-up – I ordered one of these three-packs.

The weather forecast is reasonable in my local area for the next week, and these will just be near-term weekday drinkers for me, so I didn’t feel like I am incurring much risk with shipping.

And, not intending to start a debate or a major thread drift, but I have found wine to be quite a bit more resilient and durable than many posters on this board – especially for lower-priced stuff that you’ll be drinking sooner versus later. (I would never want my Carlisles or Saxums shipped in the summertime!) [cheers.gif]

Funnily enough, we compared some heat-“damaged” Carlisles and some pristine samples of the same wines and the verdict was… no difference. This was with Mike Officer in attendance and a bunch of Carlisle-heads, so the results aren’t as random as you might think.

See notes here: http://www.wineberserkers.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=24503" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Could not agree more . . . .

And Jordan, I read that thread and was interested to see the results . . . it reinforces the above for sure (at least in this case) . . .


In this situation I typically request FedEx or UPS simply holds it at their local facility. Refrigerated cross-country then sits in their buidling for a day. Temps have always seemed ok in the facility when I have been there for pickup.

Sadly, Georgia is not among the states serviced by their summer shipping policy. [swearing.gif]