Wood wine boxes

Please help me identify what wood wine boxes, with wood guts, fit these big freaking california cabernet wine bottles. As in, currently in use. Why? Well, in two prior homes I built nice passive wine cellars, but my current home built in the 1870’s does not have the space, short of an excavation someplace. Thus, I like to store my overflow from the rackage that I could install in wood boxes in my cellar. Bordeaux boxes do not work. And there are not that many CA wineries that use wood, but there are a few. Any ideas? Say, to fit Outpost, Rivers-Marie kind of stuff. An, they do not have to be from CA; anyplace.

I can’t speak to your original question, but were I you I believe I would seek out a high school or trade school with a wood working program and approach the instructor presenting your need as an excellent opportunity to the students to analyze the problem, design the solution, order materials (that you cover the costs for, naturally), and fabricate the product.

It really does offer a real world case for the students to work. And when they get done, they might even have a marketable product.

Now that I think about this, I am getting ideas for myself. I hate storing long term in corrugated paper boxes, preferring wood cases for all the obvious reasons. But like you I never see cases for non-standard (i.e. non-basic Bordeaux) bottles. I would LOVE to have wood cases for burgs, larger or non-standard bottles. For the most part I think about 3 variations would meet my needs nicely. If I can’t find a class to take it on, the FIL has a fully equipped wood shop. It would not take a lot to set up templates for the case components (top, side, bottom, inserts) and knock them out in bulk. I could then store them unassembled and assemble cases as needed. A few brads, a hammer, and a framing square would be all that would be needed to construct a case. And the pine is dirt cheap!

The only tricky part is to get the separator slat template pieces right. Those could be stacked, clamped, and cut out several at a time.

Beaucastel had an interesting structure inside their wood cases a while back - a fairly simple grid that dropped into the box between the layers of bottles. I’ll try to dig one out and add a picture when I get a chance.

Chappellet Pritchard Hill, Phelps Insignia and Hundred Acre Cabs all come in big OWC that would probably work.

Napa Wooden Box Co. in Napa, CA and Wine Country Cases in St. Helena, CA are producers of most of the boxes wineries here in Napa and surrounding areas use. I am not sure if they would build you some blank boxes for personal use but it couldn’t hurt to ask. You would just need to get them the largest sized bottle you would use and they could make them to your specifications, in fact, they probably already have a form for the size bottle you need. You just tell them which producer and wine and they probably have a box form for that wine.


Go to Amazon and search for wood wine box or Google 12 bottle wood wine box.

Craigslist is another good place to look. We are in Sonoma County and we sell ours for $2.50-$10 per box, depending on what they are, and we post on CL and get great results.

The boxes from Nickel and Nickel were always reasonably shaped (2x3) and incredibly sturdy. I made it a point to acquire them when I worked in retail. The Chianti boxes and Beaucastel boxes were regular size (2x6).

Irregularly shaped boxes, accommodating oversized bottles, were received from some Champagne companies (Duval Leroy top-tier) and some Priorat wineries sold bottles in larger-gauged boxes).

I don’t know if my statements are useful or not. I like the suggestion of commissioning a school’s workshop class to help, although you may be better service to say that the bottles are “olive oil” or “vinegar”, and not alcohol. :slight_smile:

+1 for Nickel and Nicke

Thanks for the thoughts so far. I do have a few that I have collected over time. Yeah, I ask the local retailers that know me for them. Beringer PR box is good, but I don’t know if they make them any more. Insignia does not work- they are short and fat relative to a, say, Outpost (which seems to be a pretty common size). Nickel and Nickel are gorgeous…but these others do not fit. Chappellet is good, and I think Continuum is also. Shafer Hillside no. I thought about ordering, or Craigslist, but have not gotten desperate enough yet. I have custom made “guts” for boxes- kind of sloppy but they work. It actually is kind of fun trying to track these down, secondary to tracking down the actual wines.