Won’t be flying United anytime soon…

Trying to go from L.A. to NYC early for Thanksgiving. United canceled same flight on Friday and (rebooked for) Saturday—solely because of United’s own issues—burning two days of the trip. Had jump hoops to rebook hotel and flight home (not United) in order to add the two days to the back end. Not happy.

I currently have 3 flights scheduled with them: UK, Calgary, SFO. They have moved around each one of them (though none to the next day) - Calgary several times, including a direct flight turning into a 3 hour layover in Toronto.

American Airlines has mastered this art form.

Far out bookings I have come to expect this. Close in pisses me off.

It seems a relatively common practice amongst most domestic airlines. Really no safe harbor.


Yep. SWA and AA have done this to me. The only reason the others haven’t, I suspect, is that I haven’t booked any flights with them. Interesting times for the industry right now, which I hope normalize relatively soon.

That said, neither bumped me by a full day, which is clearly a bit of an extreme.

Delta is better -for now anyway .

I am curious what United’s “own issues” are.

In response to Neal: I said United “own issues” because all of the other airlines I looked at had no cancelation problems flying out of LAX. United did not claim any mechanical problems. I assume that it was a staffing problem that’s worse with United.