winzertowinemaker auction for California and Oregon

Check out the winzertowinemaker auction that Stephen Bitterolf has organized. Some incredibly cool bottles donated by German winemakers. All proceeds are going to charities associated with California and Oregon wine regions that have been devastated by the recent fires. Most of these, not all, are the kind of bottles that are not ever seen at auction because they are not trophy bottles. 88 Falkenstein! 88 JB Becker Spatburgunder! 90 Immich Spatlese Double Magnum! My head is going to explode. All are direct from the domains. It is going to be an expensive week…

Oregon and California winemakers please let all of your colleagues know that your German winzers are thinking about you and trying to help! Lets spread the word!

This is a very kind gesture.

Buying German wine to support CA & OR winemakers, a win-win in my book.

Kicked it off with some bids. I’m sure I’ll be outbid on most (if not all like the previous auction) but it all goes to a good cause, so no complaints if people bid these items up.

That is a really lovely gesture. As weird and rough as this year has been, seeing how so many people step up to help others has been really uplifting.

The winemaker, wine drinking community is so amazing.

Well I’m quickly getting priced out of some lots…

Since this is for a great cause I am bumping it up! Some great wines on auction ALL direct from the domain.

Thanks for bumping this up, had missed it initially. Includes my favorite Beurer!

Was a fun auction with some great results for charity! I forget what the Rieslingfeier experience went for in the spring but I thought it was less than the $10,000 it went for this time, and that lower amount was already very impressive.

I agree. There were some very good deals. I went for the geekier stuff that you never see at auction. I was very happy my lot went for $3500!

Amazing wines offered for CA and OR relief. I was in the game, then out, based on the robust offers for these true trophies and that is the sign of success. I am happy to have one “won” and in support of a great cause. I hope all others who participated and won are excited to have the same opportunity to have and enjoy the extremely rare wines offered to support our local CA and OR winemakers.