WineSearcher: Wild Vines

Quite an interesting article in WineSearcher by MargaretRand on wild vines:
A Walk on Wine's Wild Side | Wine-Searcher News & Features.

It discusses some of the work being done in SW France by two ampelographers, where there’s a plethora of old & wild
vines. They are making an effort to track down many of these, do the DNA on them, and see how they fit in with modern/
cultivated vines. This work is of little practical value in terms of modern viticulture other than there are some varieties whose
parents have not yet been fully identified. Their work could possibly shed some light on identifying some of those missing parents.

Of particular interest is a project on EasterIsland. There is a volcano whose steep sides harbor a bunch of different ancient grape vines. One
researcher has taken cuttings and is currently doing the DNA on them. How the heck did these vines get there?? Certainly not planted.
The nearest continental land mass is over 4 hrs away. Again, a research project w/ no practical value…only of intellectual interest.

Anyway, quite a fascinating read.