Winery visits in Barolo, possibly Barbaresco

Consider Poderi Colla, Gianluigi Lano & Cavallotto but also consider visiting Roero.

Right in Castiglione Falletto there is also a nice little wine bar called La Terrazza da Renza.

Below were the wines we ordered by the glass there, and that was the view from our table, sitting right next to the railing.

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Thank you. Mauro Molino sounds great. He is under the radar, and not getting the attention from the wine press. I like that. Going to check them out. Regards, Mark

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Massolino is one worthy of your attention. So is Burzi and Diego Morra.

Really enjoyed Burzi when I went. Caterina is super passionate and can articulate well in English.

How was their new tasting room? I went while they were waiting on it to be finished.

Just back from a short trip to Langhe. Mauro Molino highlight of my experience, great tasting and overall experience (tasting is 25€ and bottles of cru range from 50/50, 2020 vintages available). Also been to produttori (underwhelming, only 2019/2020 no cru availables, bottles 25€ each and tasting 10€) and albino Rocca (was a bit rushed on our side, tried some 2020/2021 cru, all crus are 45€ per bottle). On my way back home also stopped at Muraje in Carema, the owner was very friendly and engaging tried the whole range including a delicious Carema riserva 2018.


Do yourself a favor and go to Curto in La Mora. Nadia Curto is not only a fantastic winemaker but also hostess.

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