Winery Traditions / Superstitions

We’ve been bottling the past 3 days, and each day we start with everyone taking a shot of tequila. [berserker.gif] It started back in 2004 when Adam Lee dropped off a bottle of Sauza Tres Generaciones in our mailbox with a note saying that it was to help us get through bottling. [scratch.gif] All I could figure was that meant we needed to drink it! [bow.gif] So the next day, before we started the bottling run, we all took a hit off the bottle. Since everything ran so smoothly that day, we’ve made it a tradition. The one time we forgot (last year), we had a lot of label issues that day. So we NEVER start a bottling day without our shot of tequila. And damn Adam for giving us the “good stuff”, because we’ve also added to the superstition (of the tradition) that it needs to be high-end tequila - mostly Patron Platinum these days.

Do you have or know of any other winery traditions/superstitions?

if your starting the day with tequila what are you ending it with?!?!?

Absynthe…I’ve seen it (The Green Fairy told me so).

Brian, I believe I have harvested grapes on your behalf of you at a certain Sta. Rita Hills vineyard plot under the influence of an early am tequila shot. [berserker.gif]

No wonder I like your wines…you cant taste the alcohol when you try them yourself after some patron [berserker.gif]