Winery Recomendations in Chateauneuf du Pape

Hi I checked the winery visits board and the Epicurean Exploits for recommendations of wineries to visit in CdP and found no threads. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you. champagne.gif

I would seek out Pegau, Beaucastel, Vieux Telegraph, Vieilles Julienne & Vieux Donjon. But these are my favorite producers. There are tons of domaines in CdP. I’m sure you will get many recs.

I would also email Laurent Charvin.
He is a wonderful guy and the tour is really something since he lives in the vineyards.

Here is my personal best list for visits.

Clos Mont Olivet - Thierry Sabon is a great host

I haven’t visited Donjon. The visit at Vielle Julienne is very nice too. There are many others who are welcoming and fun.

The producers are very welcoming in that area and approachable. The best way to make contact is through their US importers but these folks all accept personal emails too. Such a beautiful area too.

Have a great trip.

In particular, I’ve enjoyed visiting Pegau, Clos du Caillou and P Usseglio…Sabon is also a good stop as are Charvin and Mordoree. Two that I haven’t visited that are on the top of my list are Clos St Jean and Janasse.

If you’re also looking to taste as much as possible but don’t have time to visit many domaines, you can go to Vinadea where they have a bunch of producers and you can taste many wines (most of them).

Here’s their website:
Prices are the same as at the domaine, maybe 1 EUR more here and there.
They don’t carry all the top producers but have some good ones, and the fact that you can taste really helps with the choice.