Winery math can be confusing

So should I get 3 bottles, or a 3-pack?

Go for the three-pack. It’s exclusive!

The 3-pack might include a wood crate.

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Doesn’t say what the wine club quantum is - six?

I don’t know how you can resist the release price.

If you’re in the Wine Club, then get 3 bottles. If you’re not in the Wine Club, then get the 3-pack.

I do understand how this is funny, but I think the distinction is apparent (unless this email went ONLY to Wine Club members, in which case - yeah - it’s odd).

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Im not in the wine club.

if you’re not in the Wine Club, then you presumably don’t have access to Wine Club pricing ($136 per bottle). Assuming you want three bottles, buy the three pack ($150 per), as opposed to three bottles at $170 each.


This is interesting because I don’t see a lot of really high-end Napa cabs offering wine club discounts. They tend to simply have releases with a single price. Are there other cases of $150 plus bottles available with wine club discount in Napa?

Does the wine club force you to commit to other wines?
Looks like with the club you could purchase 1 bottle @136 instead of 170. But if you aren’t they will meet you in the middle if you buy 3.
Just seems like they are trying to get you to join the club, which usually entails some sort of commitment?

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Corison does a discounted price per bottle for members. You sign up for a certain number of bottles per shipment that you’re required to buy, twice a year, and then you get the discounted rate on those bottles and any additional you choose to buy above and beyond your membership level.

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I think this is pretty common practice, no?

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I imagine so, but haven’t looked at that many clubs. Just wanted to offer that example to Larry in the higher end bracket.

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