Winemakers: best smaller bladder press?

I’m starting some research into bladder presses, but realize I only know two or three brands, like Europress, Enveneta and perhaps Zambelli. Would some winemaker or winery owner on here be able to guide me to some other brands and more options? Any experiences with manufacturers? I’m looking at a 1-2T press.

I know Bucher makes a small press for that size, and it’s worked well for me in the past. I have a Willmes now that I like more, but I’m not sure they make them for 2T.

You may be able to rent one. I’m not sure who does it in the LA area.

Good luck!

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Maybe you have a preference for a bladder press but have you considered a hydraulic basket press for your volumes? Mine will do anything from .5 ton fermented reds to about 1.5T at a full basket. I have two baskets and can fill the second while the first is pressing then swap out. I do a number of small lots and in that situation, its just a fast. I feel like the press wine is cleaner and level of control is high. Cleaning seems easier but I haven’t cleaned many bladder presses for comparison.

I had a Bucher XPro8 that was fantastic for reds coming out of a Macro 48. However, for whole cluster white pressing I would advise getting something bigger.

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Most presses are essentially of equivalent quality and press control today. The ones that are different are the two from Willmes. I might suggest you find out how who does the service coverage in your area and what other wineries think of their coverage.

I have a hydraulic basket press and it works great on reds. But for whole cluster whites it’s not well suited. Either have to crush or foot stomp them before they go into press, which is an extra step. But I’m thinking of getting a crusher, so might be able to make it work with those two in unison.

I ordered a Speigle (spelling?), and have used it with my wine making buddies for 5 years now, and never a hitch. Easy to clean, no rust. Money well spent.

Very true on whole cluster whites. For whole cluster you need a bladder press. My normal destemmer doesn’t have a crusher but I also have an old hobby style crusher/destemmer. Put that on top of the basket and remove the screen under the destemmer. So crush fruit dropped through with the stems. That worked pretty well and you do get cleaner juice than from a bladder.

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I have an 8 hL SK membrane press. Besides being too small, it really can’t handle whole cluster either. Or destemmed fruit, for that matter. It really only works well with foot stomping and then pressing with the stems.