WineHunter: Miller Wine Works Mixed Case for $150

From there email:

_"As our way of saying Thank-You, and to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, until Saturday, February 13th only,
we are offering all of our wines @ $12.50 the bottle, on mixed-case purchases.
Quantities are very limited, so call or e-mail your order to:, or call Gary @ 707.287.0792 today.

That’s right, only $ 150.00 / case. So don’t delay ! "_

Disclaimer: I have no interest in the winery or this offer. I have ordered from them before and did enjoy their syrahs.

Wow. They make some tasty wines.

He is/was the assistant winemaker at Biale and that is where he makes his wines.

I’ve only had the syrah which is pretty tast and well well worth 12.50 per bottle or so.

Likewise. I really enjoyed the 2004 Brookside syrah. But looking on their site, there isn’t much available right now that interests me. I certainly don’t need a full case of the one syrah they are showing as available.

Bruce, The Works is worth getting a case for a $12.50 house wine…seriously.

Agreed Bill

Really nice guy - we almost did some PR work for them before the economy hit the skids.

I believe he’s from Boston as well, which makes his wines that much better :wink:

Thanks Bill. I emailed Kim to inquire about putting together a mixed case.


Is this only for list members?

I can’t pretend to be objective because they are friends and customers (their PN is from my vineyard), but check out the normal pricing ( and it’s obvious this sale represents a wild discount. Even if you are not on the list, it’s worth contacting them; you can probably work something out.


I thought as well. I recalled many of these wines costing a lot more.

Business must be good. Hope they survive.

Any word on the Pinots? How are they tasting?

I mentioned my bias already, but I don’t have any financial stake here.
I think the '06 pinot is just hitting it’s stride. Your note made me realize that I hadn’t checked in on this wine in a while, so I popped one tonight. Like a lot of 06s, this one took forever to start to show its stuff, but it is hitting all the spice notes right now–sandalwood, tobacco, mace – with enough structure to make me believe it will keep getting better. At this price, there is the temptation to laud it as an everyday QPR deal, but this is more serious PN than that.

I called Gary, and got confirmation this deal is open to anyone, not just the mailing list.

Peter, Gary got around the country in his previous incarnation as a chef and he may well have done a stint in Boston , but I think both he and Kim are originally from Upstate NY.

Daniel is right that this is a deal that is aimed at survival; there is no profit in this pricing. Good luck to good people.

I sent an email but no reply – anyone else hear something?


They were moving this week and have not been able to respond to emails until today. They are finally getting to them and you should probably hear something fairly soon.

I heard back today and am all set. Thanks, Tex!

Anytime Chris…just here to help.

If this juice is as good as the Hein, I’ll have a nice bunch of everyday priced Syrah in the cellar. Cool!