Winehunter--- A Jonathan Newman - 94/100! 8-)

Today we are offering Mockingbird Hill Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2006 originally priced at $31.99 and available now for only $13.69. Ground shipping is free with your purchase of 4 bottle(s).

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Jonathan Newman - 94/100!

“This beautiful wine offers the best qualities of Napa Valley Cabernet ––fresh, vibrant black fruit –– with the great structure, complexity and long finish that characterize great Bordeaux. There’s a rich current of ripe, fresh blackberry and blueberry along with notes of coffee, mocha and caramel. It’s a knockout with lamb chops, marbled steaks and prime rib.”

“The 2006 vintage was a solid one for Napa, as the summer was long and cool, but a nice warm spell just before harvest season allowed the grapes to develop good complexity without too much sugar. The result here is the kind of beautiful wine that offers the best of Napa Cabernet(fresh, vibrant black fruit) with the best qualities of Bordeaux: good structure and complexity and a very long finish. The nose offers blackberry and blueberry. On the palate, I taste hints of coffee, mocha and caramel as well as plenty of vibrant black fruit. It’s full-bodied, and quite robust with round tannins that make it approachable right now, but you could cellar it for a several years if you choose.”


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So there you are.

I always turn to Jonathan Newman’s notes before making a purchase.

A 94 point purchase no less… pileon

We don’t make a move unless he has rated the wine flirtysmile

jokes aside, who IS this John Newman?" onclick=";return false;

he along with Jeff Leve are new members on this board. newhere

cool. thank u

From CellarTracker…

91 points in 2 write-ups.

18 users at $14.89 per bottle.

the KING of the false front-line… [thumbs-up.gif]

I stand by my comments.

For WTSO to post reviews by the wholesaler of the wine without telling their customers that is worse than a retailer rating their own wines. At least you know the retailer has a vested interest.

How many people buying this wine know who J Newman is? He might as well be a reviewer for the Wine Enthusiast. I could not name those people either.

what’s wine enthusiast?

Exactly, Gene.

This is the same stuff that started to happen when he was “Chairman” in PA. Signs showing huge price reductions.
They usually said “quoted at $139 …lowest price in US … $49.99.”

Some of the wines were never sold anywhere else. There were even ratings from Spectator or Parker for the winery or for another year and not for the specific wine being sold.

He did bring in some values but generally (especially toward the later part of his tenure) they were wines I (IMHO) were being dumped in PA.
I recall a flap about a Whitehall Lane wine.

Anyway — I agree with Mr. Posner.