WineCheck Stemware Case

Wanted to put out a positive review for the Elite Stemware Case

Only used it twice, but I really like it. The very boring fabric looks like a low key laptop bag/brief case. It is a little thicker than a typical laptop bag, but its not really not noticeable. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and the bag is feather light. I’m not viewing this as a safety bag to travel with and have it be wedged under a large suitcase etc., but something you can easily take a few stems on the go without freaking out too much. I.E. this much more convenient than carrying around two card board boxes of stems (IMHO) to get to an offline with better stems, even if you are using a Lyft/Uber. I easily fit in two Perfect Glass “Essential” and one of the bigger bowled Perfect Glass “Red”. I’m not 100% I would be able to fit in 3 of the wider bowled glasses, but if anyone asked me to check I would try to do so at home.

My only knock is that I wish the bag fit 4 stems, versus 3. I feel like 4 stems would allow for two people to share two stems, or definitely provide enough stems for any offline… e.g. 3 for a flight and 1 to save. I would be OK if the bag was slightly longer to allow for 4 stems. I would maybe tweak the internal lining between the glasses to be more squishy versus as firm (but maybe there is a design reason for it to be so firm).

Great customer service interaction with the WineCheck customer service as well. I also bought the 6 bottle carrier elite wine check, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.


I really like it, it’s light and very portal - like you i wish it was 4 stems.

Love mine. My wish list would be version that holds a wine bottle, plus 3-4 stems.

I love mine and use them frequently. I have two and keep one stocked with GGGs for serious tasting and one with Grassl tasting glasses for restaurants with lazy Susans or similar environmental breakage risks.

I have a Riedel wine glass carrier that looks very similar but fits 4 glasses. I can even get 4 Zalto Bordeaux’s in there if I’m very careful… I don’t think it’s a Riedel “product”, they probably just slapped their logo on a generic carrier, but it works great!

Thanks for sharing. Maybe the winecheck folks will release a 4 glass version as clearly the technology exists to do so! Their pricing would be a fraction of riedel and would avoid the logo’ing.

Bought two on the original BD sale a number of years ago. Like them a lot, although one of the two zippers on each broke early on. Still use them, but have to be careful. Hopefully they have shored up the zippers since the original roll out.

Hi Shan, thanks for the review. Just wanted to let you know that you’re right, there is a design reason for 3. The stemware case was made to fit on top of the Elite and maintain the same footprint. Hope you enjoy it and appreciate your taking time to write. [cheers.gif]

Based on that view. There should be a 6 glass carrier that’s double the thickness.
6 normal gasses. 4 big glasses. Perfect. ?

Funny, I had the same zipper issue. Still love the cases

For me, a 4 bottle wine case would be the better option… still looking like a laptop bag more than an oddity. I don’t see the obvious need to match the wine check dimensions (although it looks nice). I personally got the Elite Wine Check for air travel, and I wouldn’t check in the stemware bag (nor is it designed for that purpose) - so having it match the dimensions of the elite wine check aren’t as important to me here. For travel around town, I would use the stemware case 10x as much as wine check, so I don’t see the need to match dimensions there either.

All that said, happy with the 3 stemware capacity and will continue to use it where I can.

For offlines, I stick a Grassl Liberte, a Riedel Burgundy, and a Riedel Riesling in there and I’m good to go.

And I bought an extra case for anyone else that tags along.