Winebid issues

Ive got winebid issues. Cant stop myself. I only win one or two a week but…

I have room in my fridge and my little tiny cold spot corner of my basement to hold about 125 bottles.

Winebid isnt shipping right now in the summer. I have apparently won a good number of bottles with a lot more time left prior to them shipping. Add onto this that I have ordered a few fall releases and whammo, i have inventory issues come october or november.


I need a drinking problem.

I could help if I lived closer! [cheers.gif]

Two words: offsite storage. But then you have no real limits.

Aside from the spending danger from WB, the one good thing about spending with them this time of year is driving down the shipping cost. If you’re like me, after the summer’s bidding and fall shipping from them starts. the box(es) are full enough that the shipping avg per bottle is really quite reasonable.

Same problem here, exactly. I do have more capacity, but it’s already pretty full. When I give my husband a hard time about drinking more than his share of a nice bottle, he says “but you TOLD me we need to drink more wine!”

Bingo. Although, it’s also easy to get sucked into buying things you don’t really need/want just to drive down the per bottle shipping.

Doug, I think the curve trajectory of cost/bottle probably flattens out at about 6-8…so hell, I passed that # in June (but have not bought in a few weeks, thank god!).

I’m just lucky other expenses showed up this month unexpectedly.

Will have to wait til September to get back into it full swing

Nine bottles there right now. By time fall arrives, I should have a case to a case and a half. I always enjoy those deliveries as I seem to forget what I had purchased during the early summer.

Unfortunately for those of us that live in a one horse town this isn’t a viable option. [swearing.gif]

I might be remembering wrong, but I feel like you post threads like these often, Joe. Get drinking!

The only problem I have with WB is that y’all don’t outbid me enough, so I end up with too much wine!

If you end up with too much wine, why not sell some on Winebid?

Why didn’t I think of that?

Don’t know where you live but you can save a dollar or two of shipping costs by picking up in Elmhurst.

I just stop by and pick mine up. [stirthepothal.gif] neener

i’ve been meaning to contact them… if you have your delivery option slated as pick up from elmurst, do they still ship there in the summer, or are those shipments also held up until the fall?

They will not ship if the temperature at their warehouse or your shipping address is greater than 80F, or below 20F. They do offer hold options: Other Shipping & Storage | WineBid

In my experience they are flexible with the possible storage fees mentioned.

I dont know about often but it helps me to discuss things here with fellow berserkers. Share a bit.


I will be doing the pickup thing in elmhurst. But it is not on the way or from anywhere for me so i have to make a special trip. But it will be worth it come fall and cooler temps. Ill probably even buy another wine fridge. A cheaper one this time.