Wine Travel Bag - travel with wine worry-free with 25% off. Offer extended until 30th January 2018.


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Delivery across USA and Canada

About Wine Travel Bag
Wine Travel Bag is an affordable, lightweight and reusable carry bag designed to protect both your wine and your luggage when in transit, whether it be in plane car, train, boat or in your suitcase/luggage.

This practical item features custom-designed ultra absorbent material inside the bag to safeguard your precious bottle. The material acts as an instant sponge in the unfortunate occasion a bottle breaks, while a unique leak-proof seal safely contains liquid.

The leak-proof seal not only contains one, but two custom-designed zip locks of the highest grade available on the market and can be carried anywhere and be used time and time again to enjoy one’s bottle of choice at their end destination.

in - been looking for something like this, great timing. :slight_smile:

Hope this works with Italian wines from the Venetto [cheers.gif]

This looks cool and is something I would use!

I might have to get some of these for the upcoming trip to Belize, since I can only take one Wine Check and there are 7 of us!

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. We created the Wine Travel Bag due to a personal disaster I had with a bottle breaking in my suitcase - an absolute painful experience, so we wanted to create a product that was of high quality but affordable that we could make available to every wine lover. It took us 18 months of product development but its been a winner across the world, so for those who purchase them we hope you get lots of use as they are reusable!

If anyone has any questions about the product feel free to email me direct at


Rhett Dallwitz
Founder - Wine Travel Bag

Order in for three. Useful. I wonder if they fit champagne size and long germans? Although tough to bust the bubbles bottles.

This looks practical. I’m in

Very cool! Bought a 5 pack so we can celebrate our anniversary in New Orleans as well as find some gems in Spain and Italy this Fall.

Marshall [berserker.gif]

Looks good. Bought 16. We give away wine as raffle prizes at conventions so this will allow the winners to take away the wine more safely.

In for a 3 pack for our upcoming Napa trip, thanks for the offer!

Rhett, your website keeps changing my order to Australian dollars when I try to check out!

Hi Peter,
You would have noticed that on the final page the is went from USD to AUD. This is because the head office is based in Australia but rest assured you are charged the same amount in USD even though the final page is AUD. This is how the currency converter works on the site.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bought a 5 pack myself as I like to bring a bottle on long work trips or when I visit family, and always worry about breakage. Thanks!

Is the credit card charge in US or AUD $?

Hi Steve,

It would be in AUD, otherwise PayPal is another option.



Thanks for your support Eric. You’ll love them. It’s make traveling with wine a lot less stressful!

Your welcome Jake. Enjoy!


Thanks Marshall. I am sure you’ll love them and have a great upcoming anniversary too! [cheers.gif]



Grabbed a 5-Pack, didn’t even realise you were an Australian based company, I am always travelling with bottles in my luggage (usually wrapped in my jeans) and hope/pray Qantas baggage handlers don’t play pass the footy with my bags.