Wine Tasting Suggestion(s) in Lake Oswego Area?

I will be visiting some friends there tomorrow. Is Patti Green nearby?

Your winery tasting options are going to be about 30-45 minutes from Lake O. You’ll find some decent restaurants but if it were me I’d either head into Portland or set aside a couple of hours for a drive into the Valley. Dundee is a straight shot down 99W and if you want to hit PG you’ll take a right in Newberg onto hwy 240.

To give you a sense of one-way drive times. Exactly where you are departing from in Lake O can add/subtract 5 minutes.

SE Wine Collective in Portland - 20-25 minutes

Ponzi - 30-35 minutes

Dundee - 40 - 50 minutes (traffic can vary)

Patty Green - 45-60 minutes (ditto on traffic)

Lake Oswego is a pretty big tract of land. The furthest drive from Lake O to us is around 35-40 minutes (i sometimes go this way and I live 10 mins north of LO). The closest would be about 25 minutes if on the Tualatin edge of things.

Damn you drive fast, Jim.

Time of day matters a lot as well. Jim drives fast and chooses his commute times wisely. :slight_smile:

My house in downtown-ish Portland is 38 minutes. I would think the SW edge of LO is 30 minutes. Maybe 25 was pushing it.

I’m at 99/Maconald in Tigard and the best I could do to PA was 35 minutes.

Maybe at 7AM it’s that much quicker. I do it in under 40 every day and it takes me 10 at least to get to McDonald and 99.

Well we’d start at either 7 or 8, so same timing.

I will say catching the lights in Sherwood makes all the difference, maybe I just had all the bad luck.

I also never took Bell, which was preferred by my work mates, and is easier to go a lot faster there than on 99 (though we frequently pulled into the driveway at the same time after driving through Sherwood side-to-side).

Have to take Bell! Huge time saver and beautiful too!

My Mrs and i are planning on coming down in October to visit some wineries and hang out with our dog. Is it a good idea to stay in Beaverton? We want a hotel with suites with kitchens etc. I am good to drive an hour or so each way. I drive fast too.

We want to use our SPG points for hotels.

The only SPG property west of Downtown Portland is the brand new Aloft in Hillsboro. I’d stay downtown if SPG is preferred. Dining options are much much better in Portland.

Portland burbs are pretty depressing.

If not using points becomes an option, there are lots of attractive AirBnBs in fun neighborhoods.