Wine tasting descriptors that make you RUN

There’s been plenty of discussion about certain wine reviewers and how their notes describe a wine that you probably won’t like, and then declare “99 pts!” I still find these notes useful, as certain buzzwords let me know that the wine won’t align with my preferences.

Galloni’s reviews are a good example for me, as I think his reviews are pretty accurate, I just don’t always agree with the score / I’m biased towards my own palate.

There’s plenty of descriptors that turn me off, but my #1 is: port, or portlike (describing a dry red, of course).

What’s yours?

Parker: “Hedonistic.”

It’s a useful (negative) guide for me.

These three just jumped out at me, as in a quick word-association game. I’m sure I could find a dozen more:


Gee, I hope I never used one of these words in any of my own notes! [wow.gif]

Pain grille.



Man, that’s perfect.

My answer pales in comparison, I will go with “opulent.”


sick. hedonistic.

“no hard edges”

Very Ripe

“Blackberry jam” “creamy” …when both show up in the same wine, I sprint.


Vintage of the Year.

Geez, I’ve used this in the past… I wish I could take it back. “Ahoy Palloi”, if you will.

Neal has me on ignore

Robert, I thought of you right away.

…Good on you Neal!! Nice one.

But Charlie has taste, he likes that Rougeard!

Perhaps Neal would like Saumur.

It is the kinder, gentler Loire cab franc.

Sheer perfection.

Great choices.