Wine Tarriffs

NPR ran a clip this morning about potential tarriffs in French wine. As high as 100%! Anyone actually think it’ll happen? Anyone making purchases or planning trips just in case?


I already have one in Maryland. The sales tax on alcohol is 50% higher than the standard sales tax.



How does the state get away with that? (And when was that imposed?)

State can do whatever it likes with the internal sals and distribution of alcohol. A sop given to them after Prohibition.

I am hearing 10%, but who knows?

Its all posturing as France just implemented a 3% digital tax on big tech. Supposedly a deal has been reached.

This is very misleading, as the standard MD sales tax is 6%, and alcohol is 9%. Yes it is 50% “more” but 9% is pretty close to the across-the-board sales tax we have in NY. I can think of dozens of reasons to tax alcohol higher. Don’t forget we also pay excise taxes on alcohol as producers.

If you really want to look at what makes European wines much more price-competitive than American wines, look at US vs. EU agricultural support and subsidies.

My understanding is that vintage Bordeaux wines made in China are next on tariff list. That will really hurt.


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