Wine storage - room smell affect wine?

I’m running out of storage room, and am considering putting some racks in a coat closet. It’s got another storage space behind the closet through a door where my tankless water heater is installed. Both the storage room and closet have a natural gas smell from the WH. Will this gas smell affect the wines if I store them in here?

Hi Tucker. Natural gas in its native state is odorless. Utility companies put an odorant in natural gas for safety reasons (so that leaks can be detected). If you are smelling natural gas, you may have a leak. I would get it checked out ASAP.



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No effect to the wines at all. But a leak could be a safety issue, as Colin noted.

Similar question - I’m having our HVAC system sprayed with Aeroseal. The wine area doesn’t have any HVAC supply vents but I’m still considering moving my bottles out for this one time odor. Overkill?

It’s probably not the gas supply side he’s smelling but the gas escaping from the flu vent.

Sounds like you already know the answer.

Even if it doesn’t end up being a safety hazard, vented natural gas can elevate NO2 in the house to unhealthy levels. Definitely worth getting tested / inspected.

Thanks for the feedback. Bought a natural gas tester over the weekend and it did not alarm, which is a good thing obviously. Hope to do some rearranging and put some racks in there soon enough

If natural gas could get in, so could air, and you’d have a serious oxidation problem. So, unless you have really, really bad corks, odors shouldn’t penetrate. (Some smells might be absorbed by paper labels, of course.)

Is there no air exchange even with good corks?

Seems that the primary purpose for the outrageously expensive euro cave filter is smell control. Does this matter?