Wine storage facility recommendations in Santa Rosa

I’m looking for a new off-site storage facility in Santa Rosa CA or near works too. I’ve seen a couple notes about places but not much as to why. Was hoping for a facility that also receives packages and has backup power. Would appreciate any recommendations!

I’m currently using All Ways Cool but it’s been sketchy. Had my wine there since May and they have yet to bill me. They accept deliveries from wineries and are a shipping option with many.

The problem around here is finding someone with space available.

There’s a new one in Sonoma at the corner of 8th St East and Napa Rd. Just opened recently. Large facility, I think it’s called Vineburg wine storage.

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Thanks! The new place seems pricey but also fancy. Maybe that’s just the pricing I need to get used to pileon
What was sketchy about the All Ways Cool, other than lack of billing?

To be fair, they did finally bill me. You pay for 6months $420 +$2/case/mo as tall as you want stack the palate. It gets wrapped in plastic and stored. You don’t get to visit it, unlike the storage in Sonoma.

The people live on site in the office (sketchy part)