Wine Spectator on Sine Qua Non

Received the latest issue today and their ‘scores’ for 2 of the latest SQN’s were as follows: 2012 Touche Syrah: 92, 2014 Lightmotif white blend: 90. Is it just me, or does the WS rarely review SQN, and when they do the scores are low(relatively speaking)?

That seems so strange. You’d think the wines would stylistically hit the pleasure centers and when you add in the cachet…you start scoring at 93 and go up.

I do not believe that they regularly score those wines too. I believe they have done some of the past. Did they talk about opening more than one bottle and the notes being consistent? Interesting.

No, they just quoted the case production: 844 for the Syrah and 798 for the white. Unusual because exact case production numbers are not often known for SQN wines.

That is interesting. I wonder if these wines were submitted by them or not. Not sure how they would get those case Productions without the winery itself providing them.

The two wines were reviewed by two different reviewers.

That is definitely interesting. And yet no tasting notes?

Each wine does have a score and a note.

As to your second point, they taste wines blind, so cachet doesn’t factor into the score.

As far as I know, they have had very sparse coverage of SQN over the years. It always seemed a glaring omission when they would do their Rhone varietal articles.


They have the schedule of submissions that they publish and then ask wineries to stick to the schedule. I do not believe they go out and buy bottles if wineries do not submit. I have no idea whether SQN has traditionally submitted in the past or not.


Allowed me to summarize the WB zeitgeist on this topic:

  1. Points are bullshit:
  2. WS points are total bullshit.
  3. When WS doesn’t score my fave winery the way I think they should, that’s double total bullshit.

The WS definitely does buy bottles if a winery does not submit the wines if they view the winery as important to their reviews (or agenda). I assume that is the case here.

One add, if the WS feels shunned by a prestigious winery, they make them pay.

Manfred is surely suffering from their lack of coverage. I feel for him.

Great news. More for me.

Methinks every once in a while a blind squirrel finds a nut.



Not sure how common that practice is . . .


also, manfred doesn’t need to advertise in ws or any where else for that matter