wine shop in Plymouth-Northville-Ann Arbor area

Just moved to Plymouth, Mich. What are recommended shops in the area?

Livonia- The Fine Wine Source @ 6mi & Middlebelt

Northville- Simply Wine, right downtown on Center St.

Ann Arbor- Morgan & York on Packard, Everyday Wine in Kerrytown, and Plum Market on the west side, on Maple Rd.

These all have their particular strengths, of course, but taken together cover all the bases. There are others, which I’m happy to name if you’d like additional sources.

Holiday Market in Canton was great when I lived there 6 years ago I know the wine director left but I bet they still have a good selection. Used to have a lot of high end stuff.

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Chaad, is Village Corner still around? That was a good Ann Arbor store.

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There is not much in those cities.
Village Corner moved and shrunk.
Fine Wine Source and Wine Barrel Plus, both in Livonia, can be interesting. Both reflect their unusual owners.
Cloverleaf in Royal Oak is good but not close
Champanes in Warren is even further but also good
Merchant in Dearborn is also good.

I will second Chaad with Morgan & York and Everyday Wines. The first is an excellent store; wide selection of Kermit Lynch wines. Everyday Wines has a smaller but still worthwhile selection. (Stop in at Zingerman’s Deli while you’re so close.) Never tried Plum Market; thanks for the suggestion, Chaad!
Sorry, Scott; Village Corner did indeed move and shrink; no longer worth it IMO.
I also agree with Jim about Champanes in Warren. Something for everybody. Unfortunately, I don’t get there very often.

Plum Market also has several locations throughout Metro Detroit, and Madeline Triffon runs the wine program (at least did a year ago).

I used to go to her wine tastings when she was with Matt Prentice restaurants, and I think she has a very good palate.

Champane’s is kind of creepy, what with all those stuffed animal trophies around the place! There are some cool ones, though.

“Stuffed animals” isn’t quite the right phrase, is it, for hunting trophies? What are they called? Taxidermied? Taxidermized? What the hell…why can’t I remember? Embalmed? Haha!

Everyday Wine in the Kerrytown section of Ann Arbor has a small but well chosen selection of interesting wine.

Same was true of Holiday Market Royal Oak near where I used to live - 8 years ago. I was back in Detroit about a month ago and did a swing through Sterling Hts, Madison Hts, Royal Oak, Southfield, Farmington Hills visiting friends/family and was shocked that one wine store after another where I used to shop was closed/boarded up/completely razed. It left a kind of somber feeling.

If you didn’t hear about it and attend, too bad you missed out on MO’COOL last weekend. We had a great picnic at Nordman Lake near Dexter with probably over 100 wines to share. Perfect weather this year and another fantastic meal. The theme was Super BBBBBs–Bubblies, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Brunello and Barolo.

this is what came to my mind, as well.

EDIT: hmmmm … too bad they moved and shrunk. This was the store at which I bought my first wines, craft brews, and single malts.

Western Market on 9 Mile in Ferndale has a well tended and well selected set of offerings. It should be worth the trip; there are a number of good restaurants in the area, too. There can be times when getting into the store in just the right one or two week window can mean a score or a shut out, but Jarred does a great job.

And if you are really looking for high end French and Spanish, Elie Wine on Main in Royal Oak will blow your mind.

Man, you metro Detroit people; distance really isn’t an issue for you folks at all, is it? You’ll drive a freakin’ hour and call it “across town”!!

Local Kitchen & Bar just opened up across the street from Western Market, and if you haven’t hit it yet, it’s definitely worth a visit. Good stuff from Rick Halberg of ex-Emily’s fame.

Thanks for the great suggestions, everybody. Now, the next request is to get networked with events, tasting groups, etc.

Following up here. Brian, do you still need recommendation on tasting groups? And I know a place that offers some tasty meads.

Dilly! Dillly! Take him to the “wine cellar”… [snort.gif]

I stopped at Wine Barrel Plus a number of years ago. Impressive collection of aged wines, but $$ were sky-high as I recall. Does Mark George still own this??

Yes, along with his brother. His collection in the climate-controlled room is pretty nice, as far as inventory anywhere in Detroit goes. Prices can be spotty, but I have found that to be true across the country.

I am proud and happy as hell to be the brunt of AB InBev ad agency jokes. They insulted people “making beer in their basement” and the craft beer movement for years. That’s good company to keep. It has worked out eight-and-nine-figure-well for a bunch of craft brewery owners, some of whom I know reasonably well. We make delicious mead. AB can keep me and every other mead maker in whatever imaginary dungeon they want to.

Amazing that this thread has resurrected after almost 7 years! I moved on to Atlanta in 2017, but we loved Morgan and York and Plum Market in Ann Arbor. Became good friends with Tommy York. His place was great for wine, for the deli, and the memories. The world is a better place because Tommy is in it. The weekly Thursday tasting events at Plum Market are fantastic. I think they were run by a great fellow named Jorge.

Woods wholesale wine seems pretty legit more in Detroit suburbs