Wine shipping article that’s really helpful

From the Tablas Creek blog. This is the most complete overview of the reality of US wine shipping from the perspective of the winery I’ve seen. Should be very informative for consumers who are not privy to the details. Of course this is a moving target but I hope this is useful.


Such a hodgepodge of permits and laws to keep up on for these wineries.
Some of these states are lucky that wineries “want” to get bottles to them.

As I always say, it’s much easier to ship a gun than wine in this country.

Try whisky - it’s like plutonium.

funny story about shipping. It was 2002–after 9/11. I had been in Burgundy and had dinner at Christophe Roumier’s. He had engaged a 3 star chef and it was a killer dinner with wines from his cellar back to the 40s. I posted on it on eBob and later transferred here. Anyway, he had shit for dinner knives so when I returned to the US, I bought a real nice set of steak knives and went to the post office to mail them. The USPS person asked what they were and I said, « dinner knives. ». You’d think I had said « grenades. ». Wouldn’t take them. FedEx asked and I replied, « cutlery, » but that didn’t fool them. Nope. UPS—nope. Finally DHL didn’t care and Christophe got his knives. It was crazy.