Wine retailer transforms Parker's 2000 Pavie note

Is Mua the Polynesian version of Moi?


It is also an interesting anthropological experiment to see how that note has promulgated across half a dozen retailers. However, the note is real - from Wine Advocate # 134, associated with the score 95-96. The 100 was a later revision.

Indeed, Parker has used “knucklehead” quite liberally, not only towards you (mue? moi? mee?) but towards Aussie-critics (“trying to portray Australia as some sort of monolithic wine producing region is a knucklehead attitude”), traditionalist scum (“All except a few knuckleheads still lost in a 19th century time warp are making far better wine today than they were a mere decade ago”), and a host of other unworthy detractors.

Yep. In the RMP dictionary, knucklehead = someone who doesn’t agree with me. It’s unfortunate.