Wine Refrigerators

Does anybody have a suggestion for a good wine refrigerator / cooler to store 50+ bottles at home?

Lots of options based on your needs and budget. I’m a fan of Eurocave at home. If it’s going into the gargage or someplace out f the way you can get good deals on all sorts of scratch and dent stuff. I’ve also dealt with Avanti (eh) and Vinotemp (eh, as well) Are you looking for long term storage or a place to keep stuff at drinking temp for the short term?

Taylor… thanks for thoughts. I am looking for something for at home storage. I have a small refrigerator that I use in the kitchen for wine that we plan to drink… but looking for something for longer term storage where I can be pretty confident the temperature won’t swing wildly. Tried looking at reviews online but lots of conflicting information.

Thanks for any advice!

Here is a Eurocave solution from where I’ve purchased before-- just make sure you are vigilant with the shipping inspection.

EuroCave Comfort 101 Wine Cellar (1-Temp) (Black - Solid Door) – I have two of these and they are good but very “vault” like with the black door, but solid long term storage and it can get you into a Eurocave for ~1500 with the rolling shelves you can get I think 5 or 6 cases in there.

Again, budget and how it looks are very subjective so it’s tough to give you any real options. But if you are looking for long term storage, you just need a stable temperature and a solid company.


FYI, I do believe I bought the eurocaves from

Thanks so much for the advice!

If you are diligent, some very good deals can be found on craigslist.

Like Chief Brody said “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”…

Go bigger, you’ll eventually fill it

I’ve got a Le Cache that sits in the garage and have had no problems.


No truer words were spoken with get a bigger boat… If you thinking of 50+ now then get at least a 200 bottle cooler you will be very happy you did!

I have a 220 bottle eurocave as well as a 50 bottle kitchen aide and both have served me well.

Have to agree with everyone else. I had a Vinotemp that held 50 bottles but that was good for a few months. Ended up with a Le Cache that holds a lot more.

I second the Eurocave suggestion. I had the 220 bottle glass door unit which is great storage unit and very attractive.

If your looking for budget ideas the one stocked in most home depot stores that hold 50 bottles is not too bad.

I have a friend who has two. It has simple temp controls and looks nice in your home to boot.

If your looking for larger storage then I second the le cache.

From my research they have the best combination of quality and price in the larger storage units.

I just purchased one of their wine vault series for my garage.

I have a vinotemp inside but really can’t recommend it. The dual zone function of the vino temp means I can only hit a few shelves at 55

I am going to relegate it to whites and reds I don’t plan to age. Anything cellar worthy is going in the le cache

I am thinking about buying a cooling unit and building my own cabinet with it. Has anyone done that? If so, do you have the plans you used?

+1 on the Home Depot special. I have two from HD, one holds about 65 bottles and the other 50. The one that holds 50 I’ve had for 7+ years… it looks good, has dual zones and functions as advertised. I paid under a grand for both.

Which Home Depot one are you guys talking about? They have a lot of them on their website.

I’m looking at buying my first large wine storage device, and was wondering if anyone has experience with this one:

It will be in my dining room and I find it more aesthetically pleasing than its euro cave cousin for half the price. Would I be making a mistake to go with this one over the eurocave? Euro cave link I’m looking at is

for that price range, le cache.

How do these look? Can you help me understand the advantages of lecache over the competitors? $5500 - European style $6100

Also, the lecache is 10" wider than the other ones I was looking at, which wouldn’t leave room for the wine-serving countertop I was planning to put next to the wine storage… Would I be ok going with this?: