Wine recs for a deep, dark chicken mole?

Red white, or whatever. Thanks

Cab Franc?


There are a surprising amount good wines from Mexico that actually fare with its cuisine, I never expected Mexico to produce good wine, but there are some solid wines worth checking out (Vino de Piedra, Icaro, Monte Xanic)
I can think of a few Chilean Merlots and Carmeneres that have hints of chocolate and spice that I think would compliment a mole?? Thats just a suggestion not based from personal experience. Let us know what you went with.

If the mole isn’t too hot, then I’d likely have a Zinfandel. If the mole is quite spicy, then I’d drink Margaritas.

Definitelly red with some good fruit to it. Dick’s rec of Zin is a good one.


Another vote for Zin. As long as its alcohol is in check. I think a Scherrer would work great.

I might try Rioja.

Dry Riesling?


Spanish Garnacha, a good dry Rosé without too much alcohol or tannin or, of course, Lambrusco.

If you could give some more info about the mole that would be great. Deep and dark doesn’t really say a lot. There are only a billion different mole recipes out there.

Having said that, a well-balanced sparkling wine will probably be very good with any style of mole. The suggestion of Mexican wine is a good one, though they are hard to find in many areas, especially good ones (I would add Roganto to the other poster’s list of producers FWIW).

It’s a Mole Coloradito, and I’m using an Aoaxaqueno Seasons of my Heart jarred sauch as a base. I know I should make my own, but this looks pretty authentic. By the way, the recipe on the jar says to “add the mole,” with no indication as to how much. This looks like very concentrated stuff, so what should I do? The jar says it has 6-8 portions, so maybe a tablespoon is what is required? The whole jar?

Zin or Amarone, maybe. Roberto’s suggestion of a Lambrusco is a good one; they’re supposed to go well with spicy food.

Well, Roberto thinks Lambrusco goes with everything doesn’t he!

My first thought was Amarone but I’ve never actually tried it so don’t take that as a really tested rec.