Wine re-shippers?

Is there such a thing as a wine re-shipper, or some other solution for getting shipments from wineries and retailers who won’t ship to my state? I got so spoiled living in California, but here in Tennessee it’s a bit of a problem. Most of the lists I’m on will ship here, but Benchmark and K&L won’t, which is a bummer. Some other retailers do ship here, so it must be possible. I’m wondering if there is some kind of intermediary who can receive shipments from these companies and re-ship to me. Or are there other solutions folks use? I don’t think most of the surrounding states here have any better shipping situation than we do, so I’m not sure how much benefit I’d get out of shipping to one of them…


Looks like you’ll have to purchase from retailers that ship to your state. Re-shipper sounds interesting. Maybe someone that sells in commerce corner can offer some suggestions.

While it may not be a direct solution to your problem, you may be able to work with some of the companies that do have professional wine storage and have wine shipments sent there for storage and then have them shipped to you. May not be the most economical option, especially if you don’t need an off site storage solution

What you are looking for is a wine forwarding service company. Look into Buffalo’s Shipping Napa or Stagecoach Express Napa. Also, if you store with Domaine they might be able to help you out logistically

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I thought All Ways Cool did this sort of thing.

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VinoShipper does it for you. Quite a few smaller vineries use them and have them do the compliance BS. They’re licensed in all available states (there are 45 states you can ship to, 5 states simply won’t allow DTC shipments).

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Now if someone knew of a way to do this to Canada they’d really be solving all of my problems.

My understanding is that one of the few ways to do that is through NL Liquor private orders

Thanks, that’s interesting, do you know anyone that’s done it? I’m in BC so probably wouldnt be practical for me, plus seems fee heavy, “NLC mark up fee” yeesh.

I’m not 100% sure on how it all works as I’ve never done it. A work acquaintance of mine used to live in Canada and I remember them mentioning this was how they purchased wines they couldn’t get directly through LCBO. Haven’t talked to them in years though unfortunately, so don’t know how updated my info on Canadian wine purchases is. Large fees may certainly not make it financially worthwhile.

It may also be worth reaching out to the folks at IronGate.Wine. They’re a US/Canadian retailer focusing on selling Canadian private cellars to US customers. They also have a Canadian-based wine storage and consulting arm that might be better informed on how to source unique wines for their clients.

Cool I’ll look into that, thanks again!

We used Always Cool for years. Never a problem.