Wine Pairing Help For Bryan's Fine Foods (Flannery) Online Store

Our favorite butcher has his new site up and running with quite a bit of his inventory online. He has personally asked for this community’s input on suggested wine pairings for the various things that he has…beef, seafood, cheese, etc. Bryan said that while he knows the food side, he is lacking in the wine department. That is where we come in. Please take a moment to give his website a quick look-see and then offer up any pairing(s) that you feel is/are appropriate for what you see.

Thanks in advance from both Mr. Flannery and me." onclick=";return false;

Disclaimer: I already ran this by Todd and neither he, WB nor I have any financial interest in this. We are just providing some help.

Here’s the list, folks - feel free to copy and paste your suggestions in!

Private Reserve Bone-In Rib Steak
Private Reserve Boneless Short Ribs
Private Reserve Chateaubriand
Private Reserve Filet Mignon
Private Reserve Kansas City Strip
Private Reserve New York Steak
Private Reserve Porterhouse
Private Reserve Prime Rib Roast
Private Reserve Rib Eye Steak

Midwestern Beef

Midwestern Bone In Rib Steak
Midwestern Boneless Short Ribs
Midwestern Chateaubriand
Midwestern Filet Mignon
Midwestern Hanger Steak
Midwestern Kansas City Strip
Midwestern New York Steak
Midwestern Porterhouse
Midwestern Prime Rib Roast
Midwestern Rib Cap
Midwestern Rib Eye Steak
Midwestern Saratoga Steak
Midwestern Skirt Steak


Bleu D’Auvergne
Brie de Nangis
Grès de Vosges
Le Chevrot
Munster Géromé
Pont l’Eveque
Roquefort Berger
St Marcellin
St. Nectaire

I want to say that this isn’t brain surgery, it’s meat right? (Answer: a great California red wine!)

But it is exceptional meat, to be sure. I’ll look it over.

The more specific, the better, as Bryan will likely be crediting our community for the input.

Let’s make him proud!

Obviously beef = red wine.

What I think he is more interested in is if something is prepared one way vs. another, what would you pair with it.

S&P on a Porterhouse would scream young Napa cab to me, but Steak au Poivre using a filet might be a Southern Rhone or Central Coast Rhone Ranger.

I’ll only comment on the selection I’ve actually tasted from Bryan:

CA Reserve Hanger Steak.
I’m thinking that Tex grilled some of this up at the Napa Berserkerfest? Absolutely to die for. I’m going to pick some up for a party in Geyserville early next year.

Bryan’s hanger demands a wine with body, character and concentrated flavor. A wine bold … yet possessing subtle complexity. Not shy … but not a complete mindless brute either.

Saxum Bone Rock (this was the 200 ml. pour that knocked me on my ass at Carrie’s, if I’m not mistaken). Twas a marriage made in heaven!

Bryan’s hanger is also exceptional enough to stand with the World’s Most Noble Grape … Zinfandel! A Carlisle “Carlisle”, or a Scherrer “OMV” would both work.

Pinot Noir. Now don’t be talk’n about no wimpy, dried out Burgs … no sir! We need something with power, purity, focus and complexity. Windy Oaks Proprietors Reserve.

Finally … California Cabernet! Let’s just say a Rivers Marie cab wouldn’t suck very much with that cut - at all!

Was the Hanger steak from Berserkerfest the Midwestern one?

CA Reserve

Ahhh … I must modify my post.

A Northern Rhone go’s great with the Pork Cap…The La Chapelle and Cornas was wonderful and I can’t wait to try a Cote-Rotie.

There are so many phenomenal options you could talk about here – some already mentioned above. I want to take a shout out to zingy, youthful Pinot (New or Old World), especially some with nice earth components … I’ve found this works beautifully, especially with the gamier Private Reserve steaks because the earth complements the dry aging, and the richness and succulence of the fat is cut by the acidity in the Pinot. Yum.

I love Flannery. What a passionate guy. Great product. Flannery Fest III can’t arrive soon enough!

I’ve had the Saxum JBV and the Relic Ritual with the hangar steaks and they were both brilliant.

Enjoyed the lamb saddle with an 01 Napa cab and an 05 CdP and they were both extraordinary, although the cab was a better match.

Enjoyed a white rhone blend and a pinot noir with the louisiana brown shrimp

he also has all of his fish up there too

[quote=“Todd F r e n c h”]Here’s the list, folks - feel free to copy and paste your suggestions in!


Brillat-Savarin - my first choice is champagne/sparkling. Other whites that work well are viognier or white bordeaux. I don’t drink reds with this cheese.

Garrotxa - one of my favorites and it’s really versatile with wine. I like to stick to Spanish wines with this one; go with cava, rioja or albarino.

Piave - A perfect cheese to accompany red wine. Dolcetto, barbera, sangiovese, zinfandel, montepulciano.

Roquefort Burger - a lot of people like red wines such as Bordeaux, California cabernet or merlot with this blue cheese, but I don’t. I prefer a more classic, dessert wine pairing with port or sauternes.

Exactly. He is looking to put up recipes and such on his site and wants to have some suggested pairings based on the collective’s experience.

Oh - I was assuming that he had an alcohol license and wanted to sell wine.

BTW, is there any reason he WOULDN’T want to get an alcohol license?

Because he’s in the meat business, alcohol is not his area of expertise and a license costs money?

Two points:

  1. All businesses cost money.

  2. He’s asking for wine expertise, but once he acquires that wine expertise, there’s no reason that he shouldn’t profit from it himself.

Pretty sure he does have a license to sell wine. IIRC, the one time I was briefly in the store, there was a minimal selection of wines for sale.