Wine of the year

Soon, WS will start their annual Wine of the Year campaign. Can you share with us about the process of selecting wines and give us a bit of retrospective.
Last year, your personal wine of the year was 1989 Haut Brion. So far this year, which one impressed you the most? Any similar plans for ?

I think the process of the Spectator choosing Wine of the Year is well documented in the magazine. And the process is rigorous and serious. I am going to miss hanging with all the editors and discussing the wines of the year.

I might come up with the 10 best wines I tasted or drank in 2010. Good idea!

Thats a great idea! Also, maybe sub categories of best value, New World, Old World, etc…

Agreed, and please post it in Wine Talk, as we could probably get some major discussion going on it.