Wine Moving Services?

Does anyone have any recommendations/experiences with wine moving services in connection with a relocation?

Thanks in advance!

My SO is in sales at JK. Asked her and they always recommend this group:

Hope it helps, always wondered this myself!

When I moved from Seattle to DC, I used Domaine and everything went very smoothly.

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Can second the Domaine recommendation. I wasn’t relocating but was moving my cellar from one state to another earlier this year and Domaine was excellent to work with.

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Last year I sent two pallets from Los Angeles to Delaware. $550/per, temp controlled, door to door. I’ll use them again in the fall when I send more wine to auction.

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It’s been many years but I’ve been pleased with Western Carriers. I’ve used them on 2 long distance relocations. Much more expensive than @M.Kaplan transporter, though.


I used Western Carriers to move WA → CA, and then several years later I used Domaine to move CA → TN. Both did a great job and I’d work with them again.

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Thanks for all the recs! Much appreciated!

Advantage Transportation shipped 4 pallets cross country for me, did a great job

Another vote for Advantage. Excellent pricing, never had a problem.

Count me in as another vote for Domaine. Really easy relocation from STL to Dallas. I took advantage of their storage too while waiting for my cellar in my new home to be ready.


Sorry, what is “Domaine”? I need to move some wine within state and also looking at options. Thanks in advance!

Domaine Storage - they store wine, move wine, and a do a few other wine-related things as well. Website below.

Specifically: Wine Wine Transit - Domaine Storage

Though, within state (I guess depending on how big the state is and how much wine you have), I’d be inclined to do it myself. I mainly use these services when it’s a multi-day drive and I want the wine on climate-controlled trucks.

Used The Wine Mover when we relocated from FL to MA last fall. They are a transport broker and don’t move the wines themselves, but their customer service was top notch and their prices were very reasonable. Everything when off without a hitch.