Wine List Recommendation: MK Restaurant (Chicago)

Wine list posted below:

On first glance, it’s a nice/broad list but not seeing a ton of value. Looking for 1 white/sparkling and 1 red under $110 each. Will be dining with two people that are interested in wine but not geeks/collectors. I generally prefer barolo/burgundy for red, but given the young age of wines a fruit forward US pinot might be a better option. Any feedback/thoughts welcome.

The prices are inflated tremendously. If $110 is a strict limit, I’d go for the '08 Giacomo Conterno Barbera ($100), which should be ready to drink and fit your tastes without turning off your guests. Retail is in the $45 range.

Not a lot of values on this list. But I would probably try one of the 2011 Sancerre for white. Move to 1/2 bottle of Au Bon Climat PN. Also the Ridge and a couple of the red Burgs look interesting, maybe 2006. Kind of depends on what you are eating.

Ostertag Pinot Blanc or Baumard Sauvennieres [sic], and apply the savings toward the Marques de Riscal Rioja.

WHITE: Given their mark-ups I’d order the 2004 D. Dagueneau Silex at $220/bottle that’s almost not much of a park-up given the present cost and it’s a great vintage.

RED: Depending on the food I’d go with the 2009 Brick House Cuvée de Tonnelier for a Pinot. While 2009 was a more ripe vintage than 08 or 10…I think this is a wine that would do well with the food. If you want a lower cost I’d look to the 2009 Givry, Champs Lalot Vieilles Vignes, Michel Sarrazin. While I’ve never had it…I can’t imagine that it’s not doing well…

For red burgs the '09 Faiveley Mercurey Myglands is nice and under your limit. Still not a value though.

I like this list a lot and hard a hard time narrowing my rec’s, especially given the depth of their Central Coast choices. The 2008 Qupe Roussanne is a real beauty and barely above retail at $60. Provenance should be perfect as there’s a lot of Clendenen/Lindquist product offered – clearly a longstanding relationship. I also love the very underrated 2008 La Fenetre ($80) if you prefer Chardonnay. For your red, they have a great selection of d’Arenberg, or if you prefer a 2009 Villa Creek James Berry High Road that caught my eye, in its prime drinking window. Enjoy!

The Tempier caught my eye, 80 bucks for 2005 isn’t too bad. More than budget but 2009 Chevillon LSG at $215 is priced fairly.

First feedback is that MK allows corkage.