Wine List at Convivio

Anyone been to Convivio lately and can recommend a good pasta wine for less than $300? Apparently they allow 1 bottle corkage and the couple we are going with love Cali Cabs so I am bringing a '94 Bryant which should work well with the meat dishes, but not so well with pasta.



I would bring a magnum :wink:

Quick glance

2005 Barrua

I don’t know, Cali Cab at a restaurant with an exceptional list of Southern Italian wines (and the rest of IT.), comprised by Mr. Dalton. Not the way I would do it. I’m pretty positive where I in Basilicata, Campania or anywhere else in the boot, Cali Cab would be the last thing on my mind and at my table. Put yourself in the hands of Levi and sit back. I say, play outside the comfort zone, you might enjoy it.

Levi has put together a terrific list and is a fount of knowledge… Put your trust in him…


Thanks for the suggestions. For the second bottle we did hand it over to Levi and after seeing what we brought, he chose an '03 Taurasi Perillo. I never would have thought to pick an '03, but it paired perfectly with the pasta course. However, it could not have stood up to the Secondi dishes we had, which included the bistecca and duck. Usually I would not bring a Cali cab to an Italian restaurant, but the '94 Bryant is my friend’s favorite wine and he had recently lost his mother, so I thought it would be a nice gesture to treat him to a bottle of this. Unfortunately, I could not find my '94 Bryant in the cellar, although I know I have a bottle, unless my wife drank it, which I believe would be grounds for divorce. As a substitute I brought another favorite of his, '00 Capo. Perfect match for the Secondi, but the Bryant would have worked just as well - I must find it. It was a really enjoyable meal and I would gladly consult with Levi in the future for a wine selection.



Glad to hear… I’ve enjoyed the 03 Perillo and found it had more going on than your note indicates… Not the tannic beast of a bigger vintage but I’d think would work well across Michael’s inventive menu…