Wine Library Pass- Game Changer

Has anyone seen this? It is like the Amazon price of wine. $50.00 a year, free ground shipping on 90% of their wines.

It also looks like they added some more states they can ship to. I used to live 10 minutes from the store until I moved across the country. Really do miss this store. And a bonus, they can now ship to my state.

All around great store, customer service and overal experience.

Well done!

$25 for Berserker Day.

Texas. [swearing.gif]

It is a great idea. I got the $25 pass on BD.

The down side is that WL prices have been creeping up. Used to be a given that they’d be the low-cost source for almost anything. Not as much these days.

But the customer service is still top notch and if you live in a wine desert where you can’t even find a decent Wednesday night wine for spaghetti, this is a life line. Great move indeed.

Can’t seem to find any reference to the pass on either the WL site or here, either at $25 or $50 - what’s the link?

In the berserker day thread offer

Wish I had seen it yesterday. Does it work for Cinderella wines?

I didn’t realize that MN was now a state on their “ok to ship” list.

Gary said it will work with all specials and discounts, including Cinderella Wines. And GregT, Gary said this:

I’m guessing when he stated that he’s upping their pricing, he meant that they’re making it more competitive. I’ve noticed that they fallen behind on pricing and in some cases they’re substantially higher than other retailers. (2010 Cantemerle for instance, $60 at Wine Library, $45 at LA Wine Co, $47 at K&L).

Totally agree on the pricing trend, they seemed to move away from the model of being all around price leader to focusing on bulk buys they could blow out on cinderella wine, big banner promos and the like… actually, Gary V. seemed to hint on the BD thread about the library pass that they will be looking to improve pricing this year as well.

Totally agree on the customer service as well though. despite the pricing creeping up, I’m still a regular, and happy customer… helps that it is pretty much my LWS as well…

Knowing my luck everything I buy will be in the 10% not covered

Ian specifically mentioned Yellow Tail and Bogle as examples of items that wouldn’t be covered. Problem?

FWIW, the wines on their web site already have the Library Pass icon, so you can get a good idea of what is available. Virtually everything I looked at had it.

Fu lives on that stuff

with regards to GV … LLtD>insert doucheroll here.


I went for this yesterday as one of my few BD purchases. I love the idea of being able to buy 1 bottle of something to try without the significant overhead of shipping.

The other deal I went for yesterday was the 2010 Talenti that Wine Library was offering. Shipping on that was going to be $19, so I bought the pass first, then went back and bought the Talenti.

Like a kid in a candy store, I went looking for other stuff to buy, but as others have said the prices are not what they used to be.

I thought about that too. Went shopping the site a bit today to see what was and was not covered. Can’t really discern any trend, and lots of stuff I’d enjoy is available on the pass. I’m satisfied and it will probably drive more of my business there. $3/btl adds up. This means every flash deal with free shipping is now competing against WL.

Oh, sure. Them durn furriners* get all the benefits. At least they can’t get at our pesto!


  • people who live further than driving distance from WL

The lower price trend will continue, and will be more prevalent over the next month or two. We just did inventory yesterday, and the store is pretty much a blank piece of paper right now. We are going to thoughtfully restock. Gary has been working his tail off behind the scenes to make sure that we dominate in 2015, and pricing is obviously a critical factor.

Thanks all for the feedback! We are digesting all of it, good or bad, so keep it coming!!!