Wine insurance in NY

Which insurance companies do people in New York use for their wines? What is considered a good rate?


I believe you have been searching for offsite for some time now; the offsite will offer insurance as well.

Not universally.

I’d be careful if offsite offers insurance to check that it is backed by a third party.
As most of the offsite horror stories involve malfeasance by owners (obviously a tiny minority of operators, but main need for insurance), them self-insuring isn’t helpful.

I think nearly all of the ones that I took quotes from a year ago provided it. Domaine, VWW, sokolin, MWC. Domaine’s fees were a lot less than others; I do not know if they get it from a 3rd party (but a great question to ask).

AIG and Chubb are the main guys…

I think most do, as a data point mine in Chicago doesn’t offer or require insurance. They are “no frills” to say the least.

Buying wine insurance from a storage facility operator is like buying life insurance from your airplane pilot or bus driver.

Victor and I will keep an eye on all your bottles. Send them over.