Wine in a box (seriously)

Sister is throwing a party and wants me to rec. a wine in a box. Franzia? Vella? I don’t have a clue.

I would give Andegavia a shot. I picked up a box of the pinot noir in the 2015 BerserkerDay. Brought it out for a party and it was well received.

There are nice wineries making box wines nowadays. I think if you are asked to bring a box of wine, however, you probably shouldn’t spend too much $$$. It might just get mixed with ginger ale over ice! :wink:

La Vielle Ferme Red
Vina Borgia Garnacha
Bota Box
Black Box

For the most part these are all drinkable.

We need Mark B to do a comparative tasting.

His sense of fun would be perfect for that assignment.

La Vielle Ferme Blanc is not bad have not tried the box version of the rouge.

Didn’t know La Vielle Ferme was in box - that’s a good call. Andegavia is quite good, but almost everything is out of stock, it seems.

Black Box used to be the same juice as Blackstone. Dunno about now