Wine Hunter: Provenance Beckstoffer To Kalon 07

$45 from the winery. Low W-S Pro is $70.

There are also some 06 cabs and merlots on the same 40% discount.,%20P.ProductName%20ASC&startrow=1

Thanks for the Heads up


Bought a few of the '07 Beckstoffer To Kalon. Thanks for the link.

I bought a 3 pk as well!

I hopped on a case with a friend - great purchase based on last night’s tasting. Delivers BTK quality at a very reasonable price. Delicious now, I see no reason to wait if you own some. Enjoy!

I thought Beckstoffer enforced some kind of minimum price rule in order to put his name on the label, no?

I bought some Keating Beckstoffer cabernet’s for $35 each.

link dead. i only see 06 BTK @ 75. No discount at checkout. is there a code?

IIRC, it was a 4 day sale

Do you mind letting me know where you found it at that price?

that is correct, not only a minimum price, but a long term contract minimum of 3 years. Not sure of the actual enforcement. maybe it only has to do with release price?

I just looked at the receipt, and this was from Lot 18. So I had entered my effective price into cellartracker of $35, but that is after the lot 18 vouchers. Maybe that is a different situation than outright selling it for $35.

Anyway, I’m very happy with the purchase.

Okay, the voucher thing makes more sense. Glad you got the wine at such a great deal!

The Lot18 sale was a brief sale at club member pricing, about 25% off. The only time I have ever offered the GIII lower than that was BerserkerDay, and that had to be purchased as a package deal on a full case.

It was something like a 4-day sale back at the time I started this thread a month ago. Steve E. bumped the thread by sharing his experience of tasting one of the bottles.