Wine Hunter: 1998 Yquem for $110" onclick=";return false;

Even for an average vintage, a full bottle of Yquem for $110 is a stunning deal.

great price considering the '98 375ml is on sale for $125.00

Yeah, doesn’t ship 'til fall, but sounds like a great deal.

Then again, I thought that with the '99, too.

Well . . . until I tasted the note of IGnoble Rot in the sucker. Shame - could have been a real stunner.

Anybody here tasted the '98???

This kind of looks like an error. As was already pointed it, that price looks like a 375ml price. Well, buy first and ask questions later. Thanks for the tip.

I have an invoice that clearly says 750ml

going for it, we will see if they honor the price

I just ordered a few bottles and they told me it will ship out on Monday.

Sold out!

98 is good, had it out of 375 new year’s eve, not terribly complex but a light yquem. What a killer deal tho too bad it’s sold out!

I wonder how much I contributed to this wine selling out so quickly. Probably would have gone quickly even without posting it. =)

I’m excited to finally try an Yquem, and also a little sad that I didn’t have the cash to stock up at a price that I’ll probably never see again. It would have been nice to buy a half-case and try these over the next 30 years.

Alas, just heard back from my contact at JJ Buckley and it appears those are half bottles, not full bottles. Not such a deal…

I assume all of you will be hearing back from them soon to see what you want to do.

The person I spoke to said they were 750’s not half bottles and my invoice also shows 750’s. [scratch.gif]

The bottles were entered into the inventory incorrectly. The invoice may say 750s, but JJ Buckley doesn’t have any 750s. They are supposed to be 375s. It’s their error.

Just got the email canceling my order

oh well, I knew it was too good to be true

ditto, what tyler said



Raspberries. [cry.gif]