Wine Hunter 07 Pegau - IGNORE ME!

Overrated?? A poster child for CdP gone awry???..

Maybe, but awfully tempting at $89.99 from B-21

I think you misread something as I dont see the price you mentioned. You are probably referring to the reserve and not the da capo

If this price was true that would be flat out insane! At $90 get all you can buy as this is usually $300+

My bad, its the standard Pegau.

One of the first CdPs I bought when I discovered a liking for CdP was the 1999 Pegau in 2003 or so.
Paid $35.
The good 'ol days.

At that price, I would have bought every drop of it regardless of whether it meant I had to liquidate my retirement accounts and mortgage my house! It would have been an instant 150-200% return (easily).

Nice you were thinking of us, though!


Just plain mean Chris… mean.

You are a bad hunter. [snort.gif]


Never fear boys, here’s a real Pégaü hunter:

06 for 45.95. Prearrival from TCWC:

The Chicago Wine Company" onclick=";return false;

All is not lost! [cheers.gif]

Next post will be 2001 D’Yquem $69.99 at

now that is tempting



My Dad once bought a brand new 1966 Mustang for something like $3500, in 1966… The good 'ol days

Always been a bit surprised by the potential spread in Pegau pricing both at different places simultaneously and over the first few years after release. Didn’t see it with the 2003 but with the 2004-2007 there have been $15-40 swings (the 2006 was even as low as $35 through Flickinger in the spring and many places are currently offering it for $65-80 and seen offers over the last year on the 2007 for both around $50 and over $80). While there are decent quantities, this still isn’t a large production wine…