Wine glasses for Barolo / Barbaresco

Which wine glass works better with Barolo/Barbaresco wines? I am using Riedel Burgundy Vinum but I am wondering if any other glasses are more suitable for these wines.

Burgundy glasses from virtually any manufacturer, from Riedel to Zalto to Lalique Suckling 100-pointware, and virtually any price point, will do best for Nebbiolo and Barbera as well (although Barbera seems to do well in a variety of glasses). I like to use the Riedel Somm grand cru Burgundy for old legendary Nebbiolo and grand cru Burgundy, and Riedel Vinum Burgundy for everyday drinking of Nebbiolo, Burgundy and Barbera, but ristoranti around here are split among Riedel, Zalto and Zalto knockoffs, and all work well. After I finish breaking all of my Riedel Somms, I will probably replace them with Zalto!

+1 on the Riedel Burgundy glass (or any brand of similar shape), particularly for mature examples.

I prefer a 20-22 oz Bordeaux stem – Spiegelau or whichever.

To me Burgundy glasses seem to work very well.

Nebbiolo is definitely a Burg glass varietal.

Any Barolo or Barbaresco producer I’ve tasted with have used what would essentially be described as a Bordeaux stem. I’m beginning to think the Riedel proposition is a bunch of BS. And I own plenty of Burgundy stems.

More often than not, I use Bordeaux stems.

I prefer Burg glasses as well.

I prefer Burg glasses. Anyone who disagrees, apparently has a different opinion.

I switch between Riedel Vinum Syrah and the big Zalto Burgundy for very old wines - works fine for me


But no ristorante I know in the Piemonte that is far enough up the chain to use stemware uses anything but Burgundy glasses for Nebbiolo, so I suspect that there is something to that, and BS or not, Gaja has sold a zillion Riedel glasses to ristoranti here. Given that old Burgundy and old Nebbiolo are often so similar as to be indistinguishable, I am not sure why anyone would think to use any other glass, regardless of manufacturer. I also would not expect that Piemontese winemakers would be your go-to guys for stemware consultations! Not exactly the tastevin set here…

Roberto Conterno uses Zalto Burgundy and swears no other glass comes even close.

If I did not have any glasses at all, that would be a strong enough recommendation for me to rush out and buy Zalto burgundy glasses! I note that, despite Riedel being handled by Gaja’s distribution company here, and Angelo having pimped Riedels pretty hard to the local ristoranti when they first came out, it is still much easier, and cheaper, to come by Zalto. The Riedel Sommelier Series glasses simply are not durable enough for restaurant use…

Beat me to it. Roberto and I chatted in September about how they were the perfect glasses for Barolo. Unlike me, he also has the Zalto spit buckets. They went unused (by me) on that visit. [snort.gif]

Nebbiolo = Burg glass.

Add another vote for Burg glasses. I have yet to pick up the Zalto Burg stems having just acquired their Universal stems but as much as I enjoy those I plan on branching out.

For me, Burg as well.

Apparently, his father swore by Spiegelau’s Willsberger Burgundy.

Just goes to show :slight_smile:

But the Zaltos did not yet exist at that time!