Wine Glass Help?

Im newish to wine and berserkers in general, but would like to get a pair of really nice glasses for my wife and I. I’ve heard from some that glasses don’t have a big impact and others say they do? I would prefer to have something special to enjoy ourselves with. We stick mainly to reds (whites occasionally) and like to try all varietals. Through my own research I have concluded on either Gaberial Glas v Zalto v Grassl. What are the favorite glasses for a set of 2 (wife and me) on most occasions and also maybe a set of 6-8 for when company comes over? (Or am I missing on a brand completely)

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There should be some deals on wine glasses coming up on Berserker Day. The Gabriel Gold is highly recommended

I have the Grassl Mineralite that I use for Rieslings, Sauvignon Blancs, and Champagne, and I love them. Also, I think having top notch glassware really does significantly improve the drinking experience.

Save your money for wine and get some Korin glasses. Beautiful, affordable (on sale), and very very hard to break.

Next best are Schott Zwiesel Tritans (titanium crystal). I have more than 100, and I think I’ve broken 2 or 3 in the past 10 years.

This 100%

Can’t recommend Grassl highly enough, particularly the 1855 and liberte. Only thing better than the glasses is the customer service.

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Glasses make a huge difference for my palate.

I’ve been super happy with Grassl. I would suggest 2 each of the 1855 (bigger reds) Cru (all other reds and some whites) and Liberte (all whites). That should take meet all of your needs. They also sell a tasting glass; you could pick up a few of those for when company comes over. Pro tip: always wash them in the dishwasher.

I believe Grassl still sends out a tasting set, so you can try before you buy.

Grassl and others should be available on Berserker Day.

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Only top tier one I’ve tried is the Zalto Burgundy and I can’t imagine ever going back…

Thank you everyone for all the input. I’m not opposed to buying a couple of sets. I discovered this forum a month ago and and really looking forward to berserker day.

Gavin - So just to jump in here, a couple of additional thoughts. The first is do you want to have multiple stem types for the different wines (as Patrick suggests) or a universal glass that can be used for all wines? Storage space may be part of that decision as well. Also, I would suggest reaching out to Chris Freemott (he owns as he has sold the Gabriel-Glas (he sold me mine) and still sells Zalto, and I believe collaborated on the design of the Grassl, which he sells of course as well.

Chris is a rock sold individual (as are all of the Berserker Business people I have worked with) and it may be worth your while to ping him for his input as well and why he moved away from selling the Gabriel-Glas universals to the Zalto and Grassl only.

Just some additional ideas…

What do you and your wife typically like to drink? That may help as well. But you can’t go wrong with Gabriel Glas Gold or Zalto Universal for all-around use.

Another strong vote for the Gabriel Golds. The only glass I ever reach for!

Currently my favorite glass for older Nebbiolo is the Conterno Sensory. I have one and am buying another.
For Pinot Noir is still the Riedel Veritas New World Pinot Noir, and I have tried almost every Pinot glass available. I have 6
For Cabernet I now use the Eataly glass pictured below. They are now tough to come by. I bring them to restaurants and use them for everyday glasses. I have a dozen
For everyday Brunello and Barolo/Barbaresco I use the Riedel Grape Pinot/Nebbiolo which I love (second Pic). I have 2 right now and will get more when a sale arises.
I probably own about 60 glasses right now and actively use these above. When I get an older Cabernet I use my 35 year old LES IMPITOYABLES Mature Red glass. Amazing but almost unattainable. (third photo)

Glassware can be fun!

I completely agree that investing in decent glasses now is worth every dime you’ll spend on them and then some. Also agree with other posters that you need to decide if you want to now/eventually have multiple different glass types for different styles of wine or if you want to stick with a universal type glass. If you decide to go the universal route, there are several great options (and that’s a very valid path to take). If you do want to build a collection of multiple types, I might suggest starting with a Bordeaux-style stem for now which does a good job as a universal glass. Usually if I’m not sure what type of glass will show a wine best (or if it’s my first time with a wine), I’ll grab a Zalto Bordeaux as my “default.”

As far as brands, I have GGGs, Zalto (Bordeaux, White & Champagne) and Glasvin (Universal, Expression & Aromatic) as well as a bunch of Riedel universal reds for parties/non wine friends. I can’t speak to the Grassl line, though I plan to snag a few on BD this year. Value-wise, if you want to explore multiple glass types right away, I think Glasvin is the obvious pick at his price point. I don’t honestly use my GGGs that much, to be honest. If you’re going to want a single glass, Zalto Universal seems to be the universal glass that all others are judged against, though I don’t have one to comment on. Again, I think the Glasvin universal is a great glass as well (and the Expression is too, especially since you said you drink mostly reds).

This is a great timely thread for me. Been looking at glasses for a month. Love my Schott Zweisel glasses but wanted to step up a bit. I had settled on the Zalto. But, after reading this thread and doing some more research, I ordered some 1855s from CJF today. Eager to give them a go and leave some of my other glasses at vacation rentals.

You won’t be disappointed with the 1855s. I recently got one and it’s fantastic.