Wine Forwarding companies

Living in a state ¶ where a lot of wineries will not ship. Are there companies (I seem to remember some in CA) that would accept shipments direct from a winery and forward (apparently they have licenses to ship to more states)? This would not be large shipments, but likely 6 bottle lots.

Joe: I assume you’ve already looked into this (admittedly horrible) solution?

Ouch, those are some rough rules. I don’t know how far away you are from a state boarder, but what about an off-site wine storage unit in another state that will receive your deliveries and place them in your unit?

Thankfully, for me, I’m close to the border and can make other arrangements… wink wink, nudge nudge. No state is suckier than PA!!!

You might want to give Portland Wine Storage a call. Speak to Joe or Tom and ask if they can ship into PA. I’m in NJ and have a few wineries in CA that can’t ship direct to me but do to PWS.

Try Buffalo’s Shipping Post.

Thanks for the suggestions. Will try the options suggested. Have thought about shipping to nearby states, but a winery I want to order from won’t ship to PA, NJ or DE, so my closest option is MD.

I suppose that the revenuers are pretty unlikely to scan a wine board (they apparently no longer cruise the parking lots of border stores) but you are asking for names of companies that will break the law. Perhaps responses via PM would be best. I, sadly, have none to offer.

Portland Wine Storage is breaking the law by shipping to state that Oregon permits them to?

This is not a qualified legal opinion, but I’m pretty sure that someone is breaking the law. Perhaps the recipient rather than the shipper.

I know that many wineries will not ship to certain states. But some have permits to ship to states that others do not. And some use third party companies that have permits to ship to a number of states, rather than dealing with the permits and regulations themselves. No one is breaking the law in these instances - just small companies that don’t have the resources to deal with regulations but willing to pay the fee for someone else to handle it.

I misunderstood - if your intent is to do this legally, including paying all the required PA taxes, then aren’t you limited to the list that Yaacov provided above?

I’ll drop this now. I have no desire to stop anyone from getting wine and certainly am not defending the PLCB. Also, as I indicated, I have no legal training and no desire to try to read the regs. I hope that I’m wrong.

Domaine Wine Storage in Edison, NJ could be your answer.