I have noticed in wine consumption statistics, that Baby Boomers (53-71) and Millennials (23-40) are the largest age groups for consuming wine. However, Millennials are on track to over take Boomers in Wine Consumption. Also noted, at 66% 3 of every 5 bottles sold in the United States are from Cali! Numbers to live by. However, I do digress. I am surprised because I have read that Millennials tend to consume more wine these days than before. Who Knew? Is this true? One reason suggested is they are now having children. Your thoughts.


Your reasoning makes sense to me Theodora.

I got into wine at the age of 30 following birth of my first child. I knew I’d be stuck at home oohing and aahing over newborn and then relative tedium of sitting around and watching him learn to talk, walk etc.

As long as my wife and I were home bound I decided to learn to cook. Fine wine soon followed. It took the edge off and just seemed like natural progression from the Coronas and kamikaze shots of my 20s.

The rest is history… champagne.gif

Not sure I understand the question. I first got in to wines in late high school and then even more in my mid’20s.

What’s the average cost per bottle for each age group? 5 quid says the Boomers buy wine costing at least twice as much as the Millennials.

Hey, why you lumping me in as an old Boomer!?! Boomers ended in ‘64.


So, what’s the age again when taste buds wander, and the big and bold Aussie Shiraz becomes the wine of choice?

My Dad’s palate went that direction at around age 70. Does that mean I am genetically screwed? Evidently I inherited his thinning hair and clotting blood, but not his IQ.