Wine Cabinets, what to choose

I am new to the scene when it comes to storing wine. I’m keen on starting as a small hobby as me and my family do an annual wine trip which has almost exclusively been to France; passing through Champagne, Bourgogne and Côte de Rhône areas for the most part.

As such I have purchased a lot of nice bottles throughout the years however I’ve lacked the possibility to store some of the more refined wines that could use a couple of more years in storage. A shame if you ask me.

I finally got around to setting aside a budget to buy a wine cabinet. I have looked around the forums but haven’t managed to really get the information I am looking for.

First of all I would like to know if there are any brands that are better than others? I want to have something good but my budget of around 2000 euros (roughly 2500 US dollars) doesn’t quite allow for the Eurocave wine cabinets, which seem to be the top of the line. I’ve looked at some brands called Mquvée,Climadiff and Liebherr to take a few. The problem is I have no idea if any of these are good. I would prefer to buy something that can store quite a few bottles maybe around 150 standard size Bordeaux bottles. All these brands offer humidity regulators, anti-vibration and UV-protection.

Furthermore, I am not sure what is the best solution for me either. We usually buy a lot of different types of wines: red, white and champagne. I read that optimal storage temperatures varies quite a bit depending on what you are storing: full bodied reds for example needs to have a higher storage temperature than say light bodied reds. Is it then better to buy multiple smaller sized cabinets rather than 1 big? The majority of the wines that are intended for storage are reds.

Also, I have also looked at wine coolers to just keep the wines at a steady temperature and I am wondering if that in the long run could damage a wine? Say I keep some bottles there for 1 year would it ruin the wine or would it just not let the wine mature?

Sorry for the long post but it really is a jungle and I have such a problem to determine what is the best solution.

Best regards,

Max Maison

The artevino III line by eurocave should be within your budget and is a great value.

You can store all of your wines at 50 degrees F. Not sure what that is in C.